Lenovo Thinkpad T61 Laptop Review

A replacement Thinkpad was deemed necessary after my best efforts to keep my dependable IBM Thinkpad R60 operable simply weren’t enough after it became conversant with the floor one day.

The T61 was the last Lenovo laptop to come furnished either with a fullscreen (“tallscreen”) or widescreen display. Both its appearance and physical configuration are kindred to Thinkpads of the past, while enjoying some much welcome performance upgrades.

Finding a 4:3 T61 proved to be an effortful task on my part, primarily because absolutely nobody feels it necessary to mention the screen’s size and aspect ratio when selling them. Since they the same model number is shared among many different configurations, the only way to distinguish the screen sizes apart is by examining the plastic trim pieces that border the keyboard. Models with a widescreen display haven’t just wider trim pieces but also speakers located on either side of the keyboard.

The only drawback to this newer, upgraded Thinkpad is the absence of a Firewire 400 connection of which I took advantage often. Of course, its PC Card II/Express Card slot will make adding Firewire capabilities straightforward, at the expense of increasing its dimensional footprint.