Lenovo Yoga 2 11 2 in 1 Laptop Review




Lenovo Yoga 2 11 2 in 1 Laptop Review Transcript

a well sub u2’s me Andrew here today I’m doing my for review on the all-new Lenovo yoga 2 2 and 1 11.6 inch laptop with the success of the Lenovo yoga 2 pro lenovo introduces the all-new lenovo 2 in 1 laptop with the slim and compact design and a more affordable price tag let’s see if this laptop is worth their hard earning bucks let’s start by breaking down the specs thus laptop features an Intel Pentium n 35 20 running out 2.17 gigahertz Intel HD graphics 4200 for the storage we have a 500 gigabyte hard drive running at 5400 rpm 4 gigabytes of RAM built-in stereo speakers for the display we have 11.6 inch 10-point multi-touch display with a resolution of 1366 by 768 this laptop weighs 3 pounds and measures 0.7 inches thin this laptop runs Microsoft Windows 8.1 and the retail price is $4.99 us next up let’s talk about design and build quality the new Lenovo yoga 2 11 features a slim and sleek design lenovo did an excellent job by keeping the design and build quality similar to this bigger brother the Lenovo yoga 2 pro 13 the only difference I noticed from the Lenovo yoga 2 xi is the Parma’s is made of a plastic material instead of a soft touch however even with that cost-cutting move lenovo did I think it looks slick and stylish with this two-tone color finish next up let’s take a look at the ports here we have on the left side of the laptop starting from the left you got your AC charging port USB 3.0 port SD card reader and a mini HDMI output let’s take a look at the ports and the buttons on the right side of laptop now starting from the left you got your battery status indicator power button and power status indicator novel button rotation lock button volume down and volume up button combo audio chat and a USB 2.0 port next up is test out the booth speed on the Lenovo yoga 2 with a 500 gigabyte 5400 rpm hard drive and the results are in this laptop booted up in about 20 seconds next I’ll just talk about this play quality this laptop features an 11.6 inch 10-point multi-touch IPS display with a resolution of 1366 by 768 this panel has been great colors and text look vibrant and crisp while the display quality is not full HD when you have an 11.6 inch laptop the resolution of 1366 by 768 is a great resolution for the screen sizes screen brightness has been pretty good as well overall have been highly satisfied with the display quality next I was test out the touch screen performance on this 11.6 inch touch screen display let me launch the MSN website let me try to scroll up and down so far very smooth and precise multi-touch have been great as well let’s take a look at the top performance cars at New York let’s swipe around here take a look at the new cars here you got the new Jaguar the new Audi the new BMW m4 and the new Corvette Stingray convertible let me show you some text of the BMW m4 as you can see here the clarity is very sharp next up is test out the viewing angles on this 11.6 inch IPS display let me go and rotate the laptop to the left so far pretty visible now it’s starting to fade overall the viewing angles on this IPS display we’re good next I’ll take a look at the multiple modes that we can perform with the new Lenovo yoga 2 11 the first mode we have here is laptop mode followed by our stand mode which you can watch Netflix in bed more comfortable next up you got your tent mode where you can use this laptop in the kitchen and look up recipes and etc and there you have it with the flexibility of the new Lenovo yoga 2 11 you now have the option of using this laptop multiple modes that you never thought of before next let’s talk about keyboard performance this keyboard has been good I have been highly impressed by this keyboard considering small footprint the keys have solid feedback and offer good key travel let me show you a demo of the key travel these keys offer excellent response also keep in mind there is no backlit keyboard on this laptop next I was talked about trackpad performance the trackpad has been very good to finger scrolling and gestures have been surprisingly very smooth and accurate lenovo really did its homework on the keyboard and trackpad next I was test out the Lenovo motion launch control on the all-new Lenovo yoga 2 11 let’s go on swipe to the left so far very precise and accurate let’s go to the right side now again excellent response from the motion control next let’s talk about the processor performance this laptop features our Intel Pentium and 35 20 running out to point 1 7 gigahertz with a turbo boost up to 2.4 to gigahertz for day-to-day usage like web browsing word processing and 720p HD video this laptops performance was up to the challenge however if you plan on using more complex software then the end 35:20 will start to come to a crawl next does take a look at some deep bench 3 performance scores this is a 64-bit version for a single core score I got 1014 and the multi-core score came in at 3378 next up is take a look at Cinebench r15 for the cpu score I got 143 CB next up let’s test out the performance of the Intel HD 4200 using 3d Mart for the fire strike 1.1 I got a score of 134 for cloud gate 1.1 I got a score of 1345 and I stored 1.2 I got a score of 18,000 418 with these kind of scores you can expect to play light duty games like fifa 14 Diablo 3 counter-strike and minecraft after tweaking some of the video settings I was able to get minecraft to run at approximately 31 frames per second and here’s a screenshot of the video settings I had for Minecraft next I was test on the performance of the 500 gigabyte 5400 rpm hard drive using crystal disk Mart for the sequential read speed I got 106.1 megabytes a second for the sequential write speed I got 100 4.8 megabytes a second these speeds are about average for your traditional 5400 rpm hard drive next up let’s talk about battery performance on average I was able to get around four and a half to five hours on a full charge with screen brightness at around 80% next up let’s talk about fan noise well this model does not have a fan because the thermal design power is only 7.5 watts therefore a fan is not needed the Pentium n 35 20 runs very cool and efficient next I was talked about speaker performance lenovo is calling these doble home theater v4 style speakers the sound quality from these speakers was about average considering a size and placement next up let’s talk about Wi-Fi performance this laptop features a Broadcom 802 11 and Wi-Fi card Wi-Fi performance has been great I have ran on some forms that some people are experiencing Wi-Fi issues with this model I have tested this laptop multiple locations and the Wi-Fi performance has been flawless if you’re looking for one of the best 11 inch portable laptops out there without breaking the bank they look no further than the all new affordable Lenovo yoga 2 11 this laptop features a solid processor a slick and stylish two-tone design and multiple modes to use your laptop alright this concludes my review on the all new Lenovo yoga 2 11 if you enjoyed this video please click that like button and please subscribe for more upcoming videos all right thanks for watching peace